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We have an overall organization we call The United Enterprises. The United Enterprises (or U.E.) is divided into three main divisions.

We have some activities we do or want to do just for fun. These are hobbies, and we don't plan on earning money from them, at least not for now. We group the hobbies under a division of the U.E. called United Hobbies.

We have other interests where we are actually hoping to earn some income, as business activities. We have named these activities and they are grouped under a division of the U.E. called The Fleming Company.

The third division of The United Enterprises is the General Services Division. The General Services Division includes services that serve both the hobby and business divisions, such as accounting.

Bob likes to organize and name things, so he got kind of carried away in naming the various organizations, divisions, activities, businesses, etc., which we collectively call entities. So, within The Fleming Company, our computer services are called Flem-Data, our part time travel agency is called Flemco Travel Services, our small-scale video rental service is called Flemco Video Rentals, etc.

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