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This “Family Pages” web site is really intended for our family members and close friends. However the genealogical information has information about many of our ancestors that are in other families, and other people, especially members of the other famiies, may find valuable information in our genealogical information.

So far, as of January 6, 2010, there is nothing but genealogical information on this site, but later there will probably be other information of interest to our family members, such as news of events taking place in our families’ lives.

Regarding genealogical information:   So far, as of January 6, 2010, there are three subdirectories of genealogical information: Family Tree, encyclopedia, and RMF Manuscript.

The RMF Manuscript is a 123-page typewritten manuscript written by my father, Robert M. Fleming, in the 1970s. I have copied it the best I could by typing the contents into web pages. For more details, click here. Now I am slowly going through that manuscript and picking out names and relationships. I am putting information into the Family Tree, and to help me organize information and determine relationships, I am creating a encyclopedia of names, places, and a few other terms used in the manuscript. Both the Family Tree and the encyclopedia will also contain information I gather from other sources.

The Family Tree is just that, but in two forms. The original one involves a graphical presentation, with boxes containing names of people and various lines connecting the boxes to show ancestry, marriages, and descendants. But this method is very difficult to set up and maintain in HTML, the mark-up language used to write web pages. Therefore I am starting a new set of family tree pages using just textual information. An example is for the Adams family.

The encyclopedia is where I am collecting mostly names, but also places and a few other terms that will help me gather information on each person and figure out their relationships. But the information in the encyclopedia should be useful to other people too. Please note that I am gradually adding information over time, and that in many cases there is insufficient information on some people to determine a relationship. My hope is that over time, as I collect more information, I will find more information on some of the people and that the added information will help determine the relationships. A sample of the encyclopedia is the page for the letter “A”.

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