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Magazines Available for Pickup from Our House.

These are magazines which we no longer want and need to get rid of. We would prefer to donate them to local schools, but someone would have to pick them up from our house, north of Northgate in Seattle, Washington. If interested, contact us.

It would be up to a school librarian or other staff member to determine if each magazine title is suitable for their school’s age levels, religious, and moral beliefs.

Magazine Title Topic Range of Years
Archeology Archeology (duh!)  
Biblical Archeology Archeology of Ancient Jewish and Christian Sites 2015-2016
Audubon Published by the Audubon Society, about the study and protection of wild birds  
Discover General science and technology for the average person with an interest in science  
National Geographic History National Geographic articles about historical events and people 2016
National Geographic magazine Geography based, but includes many subjects relating to the world and its peoples  
National Geographic Traveler Geography, but oriented toward travel  
Nature Conservancy Published by the Nature Conservancy, about protecting natural environments  
Planetary Report, The Published by the Planetary Society, about planetary exploration  
Popular Science General science and technology for the average person  
Scientific American Science, more advanced for people with considerable scientific knowledge  
Sierra Published by the Sierra Club, about protecting natural environments  
Smithsonian Published by the Smithsonian Institution, covering a wide range of subjects, largely of historical interest  

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